Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
€ 2,433.00 
for premium members
€ 2,433.00 
for non-members
The Upset Prevention and Recovery Training at OSM Aviation Academy includes the practical and theoretical training required for pilots to become UPRT approved. UPRT is a requirement from EASA for commercial pilots.


The UPRT starts with 5 hours of self-studies using Computer-Based Training (CBT), thereafter there is a 1-hour classroom briefing, which can also be attended via video-link. The practical flight training is done in a Slingsby aircraft and is divided into 2 lessons of 1,5 hours each.


25 000 SEK

After completing this course you will get a certificate showing that you have completed the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training according to the EASA requirements.  

For non-Swedish certificate holders, an administrative fee of 1000 SEK will be added.


To apply, please visit OSM Aviation Academy