OPTO Personality Test
Get a 10 EUR discount on the OPTO Personality Test. The OPTO personality test will help you better understand your individual strengths and development areas and gain greater knowledge of your personality.

Airlines often use personality testing in their selection process. Recruiters use personality testing to evaluate how you approach tasks, how you collaborate with others and how you fit the organizational culture of the airline. Personality tests are a great way to find out about your strengths and weaknesses and give you an understanding of your preferred behavior in an occupational setting.  

OPTO is based on the Big Five model that measures 8 dimensions of personality relevant for performance at work and general job success. Each dimension includes aspects that measure specific elements of that dimension.

Benefits of taking the OPTO personality test:

• You can better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

• Understand which situations allow you to perform your best.

• Help you determine what occupation is a good fit for your personality.

• Use the test result for personal and professional development

The test takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and after completing the test, you will get a full personality profile that is customized based on your responses.

Languages and Norms

OPTO is available in Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

There are national as well as international norms available.


OPTO meets the highest international standards for professional tests. Extensive documentation has been performed to provide evidence of reliability and validity.

Would you like to take the OPTO personality test? Here’s how it works.

1. Purchase the test by clicking “add to cart” and pay for the product.

2. After you have purchased the test you will receive a link. NB! If you cannot start the test right away, you should copy and save the link and open it when you are ready to take the test.

3. Click on the link to start the test.

4. Once you have completed the test you will get access to the feedback report.