CrewAssist is a unique subscriber based online offering from OSM Aviation tailored for people within the aviation community. We offer high-end services such as CV building assistance, one-on-one coaching, attractive insurances, interview guides, webinars, accredited tests, on–going support, mental wellness support and much more.

The idea of an online community, where fellow aviators can meet and stay relevant together, arised as result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit our industry hard and turned thousands of lives up-side-down. We wish to rise to the occasion. We want to contribute with something positive for our industry. The industry is nothing without people who get up everyday to cross boarders and unite the world. In the end, it’s all about people.  

CrewAssist allows you to stay relevant, be relevant or become relevant within the industry, regardless of your situation. Whether you have lost your aviation job, want to get into an aviation career, or just want to stay updated on industry news.

CrewAssist is here for you. Join our community today!

Who we are

Michel Treskin
Head of Pilot Selection
Captain Michel ‘The Amazing' Treskin is a true Aviation expert counting 45 years of Aviation experience including Air Force Pilot (Instructor and Tactical Helo Pilot). Commercial airline, business jet and GA Pilot. Today Michel works as a Pilot Selection Specialist for OSM Aviation. He is also a co host of 'The Pilot Talk' Podcast and YouTube show.‍
Michael Keating
Director Flight Crew Recruitment OSM Aviation
With more than 40 years in the industry, Michael Keating is a seasoned specialist in pilot selection and recruitment with 16 years experience in selecting commercial pilots for a number of airlines. Before working with pilot selection Michael worked as a military combat pilot and as a flight commander in an F16 squadron followed by many years as a first officer, a captain and a check pilot.
Kim Reiersen
DIRECTOR Cabin Crew Recruitment
Kim Reiersen is a recruitment and human resources specialist with over a decade of experience in recruitment, client management and employee management. His experience span across various disciplines in the HR space, including recruitment, training and development, onboarding, employee development and employee relations.
Stein Mjåtveit
Director of Marketing
Stein Mjåtveit is a commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor that has more than 10 years of experience with training and educating commercial pilots from all over the world.
Lise Lunding
HR, Communication and Mental Health Specialist
Lise Lunding started her aviation career as cabin crew 35 years ago and has since worked with HR for crew, operational crew control, crew base management,regulatory affairs and pilot- and cabin crew recruitment and development. Along her aviation career, Lise has acquired two MA degrees in cultural anthropology and positive psychology. They reflect her main interests and competencies which are human relations, communication and mental health. ‍
Jon Lars Syversen
Aviation Psychologist
Aviation Psychologist Jon Lars Syversen graduated as Cand. Psychol in clinical psychology at University of Oslo in 1986. He worked in the Armed Forces (FPPS) with leadership training and selection until joining SIAP as a consultant in 1990. He has since then worked with selection and training for a wide range of Scandinavian and international airline operators and companies, and assessed more than 3000 candidates.
Arild Nyheim
Senior Vice President Flight Crew OSM Aviation
Experienced Department Director with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry. Skilled in EASA, Aircraft Systems, Commercial Aviation, Flight Planning, and Flight Operation. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Pedagogy from University of Nordland (UiN). Former Pilot and Aircraft Engineer.
Danielle Haley
Flight Deck- and Onboarding Manager
Working with Flight Crew Recruitment for OSM Aviation for more then 4 years, Danielle knows what it takes to make in the industry!Danielle Hailey is the OSM Aviation Flight Deck- and Onboarding Manager, currently responsible for all aspects relating to crew management, as well as leading a global team on quality control assurance for the integration of air crew from post-assessment to permanent employment.